Temperature & Humidity

Temperature & Humidity

  • SANWOOD Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

    Sanwood Humidity Test Chamber|Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber,Temperature humidity test chamber,Humidity Test Chamber,Temperature humidity chamber is exported to Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Bench-Top Temperature & Humidity Chamber

    The Bench-top temperature and humidity test chamber is widely used in scientific research, research institutes, quality inspection institutes and other industries to do warm and humid heat tests of... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Ultra Low Temperature Chamber

    Automatic refrigeration switching for efficient operationViewing window with lampStainless steel interiorTwo stainless steel shelvesStandard 50mm (2") diameter cable portSpecimen power supply control... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Landing Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber

    2-Zone/3-Zone Stationary Specimen, Exposure By Cooling Air/Hot Air Changeover.The machine is divided into three sections: the high temperature chamber, the low temperature chamber and the testing... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Walk-in Temperature & Humidity Chamber

    Energy-saving design: Adopting PID + PWM principle of VRF (refrigerant flow control) technology to achieve low-temperature energy-saving operation (electronic expansion valve according to thermal... Learn More
  • SANWOOD ESS Test Chamber

    Sanwood is the company capable of offering a series of Rapid ESS Test Chamber,Rapid Temperature Change Test Chamber,Environmental stress screening (ESS) test chamber,Environmental stress screening... Learn More