Technical Support Services
FREE service support via mobile phones along life machine.

Real-Time Online Support 
FREE real-time online support includes email, chat and a social media along life machine.

Documentation Support
FREE documenation support such as the insruction manuals along life machine.

Repairing Support
FREE investigation, only on-site transportation cost is minimum 3,000 baht per time, not including reparing and spart part.

FREE all service supports and spare parts during warranty period.

The effectiveness of the warranty contained herein shall, with respect to any particular defect, be conditional upon:

1. the Products have been stored, maintained and operated in accordance with such instructions as are given by SCICRON
    and with standard industry practice and have not been damaged as a result of negligence, improper handling or accident,
2. The Products have not been modified or repaired without SCICRON's prior written consent, 
3. The Products have been installed by SCICRON’s authorized personnel,
4. The Products have not been moved from the original place of installation without SCICRON direct assistance or authorization,
5. The Products have not been used with Third Party Products not explicitly authorized by SCICRON,
6. Buyer's payment of all invoices for the Products should be completed to SCICRON,
7. Buyer's exclusive use of persons approved or authorized by SCICRON to effect any repairs to the Products, 
8. The Products has not been subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, misuse, abuse, negligence or accident.

Subject to the foregoing, the warranty contained herein shall remain in effect for the periods stated below, unless a different warranty period
shall be stated on the face hereof, calculated from the date of installation by SCICRON:

12 months for new equipment, new parts, new accessories, 
60 days for repairing.