Eddy Current

  Atomic Structure      
Eddy currents are loops of electrical current
induced within conductors by a changing
magnetic field in the conductor according
to Faraday's law of induction.

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  An atom is the smallest unit of ordinary matter
that forms a chemical element. Every solid,

liquid, gas, and plasma is composed of neutral
or ionized atoms. Atoms are so small that accurately
predicting their behavior using classical physics.

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White-Light Interferometry

Non Contact Measurement by Laser

Hardness Test

The measurement method is based 
on the principle of Michelson interferometry, 
where the optical configuration (image) 
contains a light source with a coherence 
length in the μm range.

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  Laser measurement offers the ability
to assess the dimensional integrity 
or profile of a part quickly without 
touching the surface. 

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  It is the property of a metal,  which gives it the 
ability to resist  being permanently, deformed 
(bent, broken, or have its shape changed), 
when a load is applied. 

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Surface Finish Metrology

  Roundness Metrology   3D Coordinate Measurement  
The measurement of small scale features on surfaces,
and is a branch of metrology.
Surface primary form,
surface waviness
and surface roughness are the
most commonly associated with the field

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  Out of roundness can produce a number of problems,
 vibration can have severe
affects on jet engines and in
this case
dire consequences. The ability to reduce or
predict vibration is a necessity.

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  The typical 3D CMM is composed of three axes,
X, Y and Z. These axes are orthogonal to each o
ther in a typical three-dimensional coordinate system.
Each axis has a scale system that indicates

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Tensile&Compression Test

  Scanning Electron Microscopy    X-ray Computer Tomography Scanning  
It is the capacity of a material or structure to
withstand loads tending to elongate, as
opposed to compressive strength, which
withstands loads tending to reduce size.

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   The electrons interact with atoms in the sample,
producing various signals that can be detected
and that contain information
about the sample's
surface topography
and composition.

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  To makes use of computer-processed combinations of
many X-ray images
taken from different angles to produce
cross-sectional (tomographic) images (virtual 'slices')

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Non-Destructive Testing

  Measurement System Analysis   Quality Control  
Nondestructive testing (NDT) is any of a wide group
of analysis techniques used in science and technology
industry to evaluate the properties of a material,
component or system without causing damage.

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  It is a specially designed experiment that seeks
to identify the components of variation in the
measurement. Just as processes that produce
a product may vary, the process of obtaining
measurements and data may have variation and
produce defects

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  Quality control emphasizes testing of products to
uncover defects and
reporting to management
make the decision to allow or deny product
release, whereas quality
assurance attempts to
improve and stabilize production to avoid, or at
least minimize, issues which 
led to the defect(s)
in the first place.

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