X-ray Inspection - SEAMARK

X-ray Inspection - SEAMARK

  • SEAMARK X-ray Inspection Machine X5600

    X5600 is a small precise microfocus X-Ray inspection equipment, suitable for R&D enterprises, laboratories, quality inspection rooms, etc. It is the first choice for X-Ray inspection equipment of... Learn More
  • SEAMARK X-ray Inspection Machine X6600

    X6600 is a cost-effective general-purpose offline precision microfocus X-Ray inspection equipment. It is suitable for the inspection of various factory offline products. This AXI inspection machine... Learn More
  • SEAMARK X-ray Inspection Machine X7600

    X7600 inspection machine adopts the world's top Japanese Hamamatsu X-ray source. This industrial X-Ray machine can easily distinguish the semiconductor package gold wire bending, gold wire break,... Learn More
  • SEAMARK X-ray Inspection Machine X1200

    X1200 is a precise microfocus X-Ray inspection equipment for large-scale PCB board, 5G communication motherboard, LED light bar and other large area inspections. Its effective inspection area can... Learn More
  • SEAMARK X-ray Inspection Machine XL6500

    XL6500 is an SMT online micro-focus X-ray inspection machine for electronic components. This automated X-Ray inspection machine can be directly connected to the SMT production line, or it can be used... Learn More