SANWOOD Explosion-Proof Test Chamber

SANWOOD Explosion-Proof Test Chamber


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Adopting throttle electronic expansion valve

1. The active control of the refrigeration system is realized, and the fixed proportional adjustment of the original thermal expansion valve is not controllable. The output can be adjusted in advance and optimized for different modes and operating conditions.

2. Due to the cyclic control feedback of the electronic expansion valve, the front end is a temperature-plus-pressure dual-sensor high-response direct control, which can provide the best evaporator liquid supply, so that the refrigeration system can achieve excellent cooling capacity in a wider working range. Output.



Battery Explosion Proof Test Chamber

High and low temperature explosion-proof test chamber
Structure and Characteristics:

1.Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber is composed of the chamber, refrigeration systems, heating systems, air circulation system and control system.

2.The Battery Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber is made of high quality SUS#304 stainless steel material,the outer shell adopts A3 steel plate,surface electrostatic spraying.

3.Insulation system uses superfine fiberglass wool or polyurethane foam so as to ensure the temperature of inside chamber.

4.Temperature and humidity control adopts Korean import TEMI360 programmable touch screen temperature and humidity controller, with automatic calculation of PID function.

5.Adopts steam humidifying method, automatic water circulation loop,with functions of automatic filling water.

6.Refrigeration system adopts original France "Taikang" refrigeration unit and full sets of refrigeration parts.

7.Input mode PT100 sensor.

8.The system of heating up, heating down, dehumidifying, and humidifying can be operated independently so as to reduce the cost of testing, extend the operating life of the machine and decrease the failure rate.

9.Powerful multi-wing type air circulation which can ensure even temperature distribution inside the working chamber.

10.With larger transparent viewing window and lighting inside to observe the test.

11.Door seal adopts silicone rubber material which can avoid aging and hardening in high and low temperature conditions.

12.Standard configuration with one test hole on the left side of the chamber for easy testing operation and temperature measurement.

13.With various of safety protection device such as leakage and outage protection,compressor overpressure protection,overload fusing protection,audio signal alarm.


Model SMC-80-CC-FB SMC-150-CC-FB SMC-225-CC-FB SMC-408-CC-FB SMC-800-CC-FB SMC-1000-CC-FB

Internal WxHxD(cm)

50X50X40 50X60X50 50X75X60 80X85X60 100X100X80 100X100X100 120X100X125

External WxHxD(cm)

70X168X118 70X167X128 70X188X129 100X195X140 120X205X159 120X205X178 140X205X203

Volume (L)

80 150 225 408 800 1000 1500

Weight (kg)

280 380 450 620 680 840 955
Temp Range
-70℃~180℃  (A: 0℃~180℃ / B: -20℃~180℃ / C: -40℃~180℃ / D: -70℃~180℃)

180℃ to 70℃ within 100 min. (1.0~3.0℃/min)

-70℃ to 180℃ within 60 min. (3.0~5.0℃/min)

0.5℃ (-40℃~100℃)
±2.0℃ (100.1℃~180℃ or -40℃~ -70℃)

Humi Range
20.0%RH~98.0%RH (60℃ above correspond to 11%RH)




Material Internal
SUS#304 Stainless steel (1.2mm)

Cold rolled plate (1.2mm), Powder coating

Heat Insulation

Polyurethane foam (100mm) + Glass wool (10mm)
Centrifugal fan (Impeller fan)


Hermetic compressor (Tecumseh)

Cooling Mode

Air cooling or Water cooling


R404A, R23, R508


Finned tube exchanger


Nickel chrome strip heater


Stream humidifier
Option Standard
2 Dia100mm pressure relief port, 4 explosion-proof chains

Multipoint Temp Monitor
Adopts Sanwood developed controller which can be used to acquire suurface temp points of multiple products

Fire Extinguisher
Automatic fire extingushing and automatic shutdown of the machine to protect the equipment from burning.

CO, H2 Detector  
To detect gas solubility and discharge to outdoor when it excesss the standard, when the test sample produces gas.

Exhaust Valve
To ventilate and exhaust internally, when the test sample produces harmful gas

Working Temp

5℃ ~ 35℃
Standard: South Korea TEMI-1500 (Optional TEMI-2500 and TEMI-2700)

Power Supply 220VAC 50/60Hz 22A 220VAC 50/60Hz 31A 220VAC 50/60Hz 33A 380VAC 50/60Hz 17A 380VAC 50/60Hz 25A 380VAC 50/60Hz 27A
380VAC 50/60Hz 50A

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