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Founded in 2013, Sanying Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. (stock code: 839222) is manufacturing of X-ray CT scan equipment and possessing core proprietary technologies. So far, it has developed into a solution provider with a full range of X-ray CT products in China.

With the concept of “Scientific and Technological Innovation, Precise Manufacture”, Sanying puts emphasis on R&D investment to improve core competitiveness. The company has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification and the certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and other certifications. The company's products include X-ray 3D microscopes, micro CT, industrial CT, metrology CT, planar CT, horizontal CT, X-ray online inspection equipment and mobile vehicle-mounted CT inspection centers.

Sanying is committed to building an international CT brand. At present, its influence in China is becoming stronger and stronger. It has been recognized by foreign high-end users. It provides professional solutions in aerospace, automotive, new energy, new material, semiconductor, petroleum geology, geotechnical engineering, life science and other scientific research and advanced manufacturing. 

With continuous enrichment of product line, Sanying's products are applicable for more scenarios; with professional and timely services, Sanying's customer experience is constantly improved; with great efforts and struggles, Sanying's employees are dedicated to building a famous and representative brand of products made in China.

Sanying expects to go forward hand in hand with you for a win-win cooperation!

  • SANYING EFPscan-1000

    Integrated with the production line for on-line full detectionSanying is about to launch a 3D AXI (Automatic X-ray Inspection) on-line inspection system based on planner CT to realize the connection... Learn More
  • SANYING EFPscan-2000

    Suitable for high-resolution and fast 3D tomography detection of large-area plate samplesEFPscan-2000 is a 3D X-ray testing system for PCBA and IGBT field. It adopts advanced Computed Laminography... Learn More
  • SANYING Cylindscan-2000

    Cylindrical or slender samples are placed horizontally, which will not be rotated during scanning. This is suitable for loose, dense and other material structuresThe Cylindscan-2000 adopts a... Learn More
  • SANYING Cylindscan-1000

    Cylindrical or slender samples are placed horizontally, which will then be rotated for scanning. This is suitable for dense material structuresThe Cylindscan-1000 adopts a horizontal design. During... Learn More
  • SANYING metroVoxel

     metroVoxel’s high-precision three-dimensional measurement and analysis realize non-destructive analysis and full-scale measurement inside the product.Industrial measurement is changing... Learn More
  • SANYING multiscaleVoxel-2000

    Covers most types and sizes of components, and obtains high-precision detection imagesThe multiscaleVoxel-2000 system is equipped with 2 sets of X-ray sources (micro focus and small focus), can cover... Learn More
  • SANYING multiscaleVoxel-1000

    Suitable for industrial CT systems for detecting medium and large size, medium and high-density componentsThe multiscaleVoxel-1000 features a large scanning area and strong X-ray penetrating ability,... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-5000

    Dual X-ray sources CT systemThe nanoVoxel-5000 system, equipped with a dual X-ray source system, has comprehensive testing performance and automatically switches the X-ray source to meet the... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-4000

    Tube-opened and Reflection-type High-penetration CT SystemThe nanoVoxel-4000 system can be equipped with a micro-focus X-ray source up to 300KV and ensure high-precision testing performance under the... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-3000

    Tube-opened and Transmission-type High-resolution CT SystemThe nanoVoxel-3000 system is equipped with a transmissive tube-open X-ray source system. It has high resolution and is suitable for... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-1000

      Compact Desktop CT System The nanoVoxel-1000 is a desktop CT tomography system carefully built by Sanying based on years of research and development experience in high-resolution micro CT... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-2000

    Tube-sealed and Maintenance-free High-performance CT SystemThe nanoVoxel-2000 system is a high-performance imaging system that uses a sealed X-ray source. The X-ray source is maintenance-free and the... Learn More