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KOSAKA LABORATORY LTD. has developed and sold commercial products using precision engineering technology with "Reliable Technology" as the business motto since we started in 1950. This philosophy has made Kosaka Laboratory one of the leading companies in three industrial fields:

1. Contour Measuring Instrument-centered precision measuring instruments

2. Screw pump-centered hydraulic equipment

3. Automatic machinery including semiconductor manufacturing equipment and automatic packaging machine

Most products and technologies that have been developed by Kosaka Laboratory. Supplying these high quality products that meet customer needs, we are contributing to the industrial development today in a wide range of fields.Being a leader even in a limited number of fields. This has been our philosophy since the day of establishment. We will make efforts for further technological innovation to contribute to industries tomorrow.

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  • SE300series

    Compensates reflectivities for measuring on nearly all surfaces Automatic processing with predefined "measurement recipes" Comprehensive evaluations with a multitude of 2D and 3D surface... Learn More
  • SE500

    SE500 is sophisticated, compact design and high performance model for surface roughness, waviness and steps. Compatible with various parameters and perform simultaneous analysis of multiple... Learn More
  • SE600

    SE600 is complied to worldwide standards including ISO, JIS, DIN, ASME and BS, and each old and current standards. Various filters, cutoff values, measuring length and formula types are provided to... Learn More
  • SE600K31

    3D surface roughness measuring function is added to SE3500 to enable deep evaluation of a target surface with respect to a line and a plane. 2D roughnessCompatible with various parametersAutomatic... Learn More
  • SE700

    SE700 is a high-performance surface roughness measuring instrument, upgrated to quick motion, inch size-response driving stroke and higher analysis capabilities. Reduction of total measuring time... Learn More
  • SE4000

    SE4000 is stage traverse type with stable straightness, to measure the precision small components. Complied to worldwide parameters Digital sampling by digital scale Fixed pick-up with traverse... Learn More
  • SEF580-G18/-G18D

    Surface Roughness / Contour Measuring Instrument. Easy operation by Touch Panel. For various kind of sample. Surface RoughnessAnalysis : Many parameters of different standards in one... Learn More
  • SEF580-M50/-M58/-M58D

    Portable type Measuring lnstrument. Surface profile can be displayed in real time. Surface RoughnessThe unit can output the parameters based on multiple standards just a time.(Roughness... Learn More
  • SEF680

    SEF680 is a combination unit with surface roughness and form contour measuring instrument, able to evaluate roughness, waviness and contour profiles. Surface roughness measurementComplied to... Learn More
  • SE680K31

    SE680K31 is a reasonable combination unit with 2D and 3D roughness and form contour measuring instrument. 2D roughness measurementCompatible with various parametersAutomatically performing... Learn More
  • ET200

    ET200 is able to trace and analyze nano-level micro figures with high accuracy, appropriate for soften sample surfaces by controlling the measuring force. PDF catalog Learn More
  • ET4000

    Excellent in accuracy, stability and functionality, ET4000 is a fully automatic, most appropriate for measurement of micro figure, step height and roughness of FPD, wafers, hard disks, and other... Learn More

SHOWING 1-12 of 30 TOTAL

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