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SANWOOD technology is dedicated to the development and application of environmental test equipment. We enable international manufacturers to validate their products ensuring they are resistant to; temperature, light, humidity, rain, altitude, vibration, dust, corrosion etc. Sanwood are active in all areas of environmental test equipment research and development, production and sales.

SANWOOD technology was integrated with Taiwan Science and Technology in 2013 and became a Dongguan listed company with capital of 10.2 million RMB. Sanwood achieved ‘National High Technology Enterprise’ status and is a standing member of the Chinese Academy of Space Systems, Science and Engineering. Sanwood has ISO9001:2008 certification.

Our customers strive for excellence in many different industries; defence, education, quality inspection, automotive, batteries, opto-electronics, precision electronics, medical, communications and many other advanced technology industries. Sanwood’s product development team works closely with new and existing customers to ensure their ever increasing demands are met.


SANWOOD Technology, and its overseas service providers, now have global sales in more than 40 countries including: Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Austria, Poland, Finland, Czech, Turkey, Israel, United Kingdom, Australia, Qatar, Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, United States, Mexico, Canada and South Korea. With excellent products and customer service we are continuing to expand our customer base. In a highly competitive and rapidly changing market, SANWOOD has become a leading international brand.

SANWOOD Technology - with the experience of selling to demanding customers in over 40 countries Sanwood is now not only a market leader in China but is also on track to become an international market leader.

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  • SANWOOD Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

    Sanwood Humidity Test Chamber|Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber,Temperature humidity test chamber,Humidity Test Chamber,Temperature humidity chamber is exported to Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Bench-Top Temperature & Humidity Chamber

    The Bench-top temperature and humidity test chamber is widely used in scientific research, research institutes, quality inspection institutes and other industries to do warm and humid heat tests of... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Ultra Low Temperature Chamber

    Automatic refrigeration switching for efficient operationViewing window with lampStainless steel interiorTwo stainless steel shelvesStandard 50mm (2") diameter cable portSpecimen power supply control... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Landing Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber

    2-Zone/3-Zone Stationary Specimen, Exposure By Cooling Air/Hot Air Changeover.The machine is divided into three sections: the high temperature chamber, the low temperature chamber and the testing... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Explosion-Proof Test Chamber

    Sanwood is glad to be the ODM/OEM manufacturer of Battery Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber,Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber,Battery Explosion-proof High and... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Walk-in Temperature & Humidity Chamber

    Energy-saving design: Adopting PID + PWM principle of VRF (refrigerant flow control) technology to achieve low-temperature energy-saving operation (electronic expansion valve according to thermal... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Walk-in Explosion-Proof Test Chamber

    Sanwood is glad to be the ODM/OEM manufacturer of Walk-in Type Battery Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber,Walk-in Battery Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test... Learn More
  • SANWOOD ESS Test Chamber

    Sanwood is the company capable of offering a series of Rapid ESS Test Chamber,Rapid Temperature Change Test Chamber,Environmental stress screening (ESS) test chamber,Environmental stress screening... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber

    Sanwood is a direct factory which has specialized in manufacturing High low temperature(Two Zone)Thermal shock chamber ,Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber,Thermal Shock Test Chamber,Thermal Shock... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Three Zone Thermal Shock Chamber

    Sanwood is glad to be the ODM/OEM manufacturer of Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber ,Thermal Shock Test Chamber ,Three-zone Thermal Shock Chamber,Thermal Shock Chamber,Two-zone Thermal Shock Test... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Bench-Top Xenon Lamp Chamber

    SANWOOD , a 23 years of Bench-top Xenon Lamp Chamber manufacturer.Small, simple and economic xenon test chamber. It uses a low power air-cooling xenon lamp to produce enough big irradiance energy in... Learn More
  • SANWOOD Xenon Lamp Aging Chamber

    Sanwood is a company with professional research and development, sales of Bench-top Xenon lamp aging test chamber,Bench-top Xenon accelerated aging test chamber,Bench-top Xenon lamp weathering aging... Learn More

SHOWING 1-12 of 41 TOTAL

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