SANWOOD Salt Spray Chamber

SANWOOD Salt Spray Chamber


Sanwood Salt Spray Chamber, Salt Spray Test Chamber,Salt Spray Corrosion Chamber,Salt Spraying Chamber,Salt spraying test chamber is exported to Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and so on.
1:It adopts 5mm or 8mm imported gray and white impact resistant P.V.C board, with high temperature resistance up to 85℃ and corrosion resistance.
2:Support frame: ¢ 10MM fiberglass rod, corrosion resistant. The steel V-frame and the fiber rod angle are placed to ensure the specimen is inclined at 15-30 degrees.
3:Pressure barrel is welded seamlessly with 2.0MMSUS304 stainless steel plate
4:The heating adopts titanium alloy electric heating tube. It has high corrosion resistance and long service life is 3-5 years higher than ordinary stainless steel heating tube.
5:The cover is made of 5MM imported transparent (Germany YLIS) acrylic sheet. It has fine workmanship, beautiful appearance and high transparency.



Salt Spraying Chamber summary:
This 60L Humidity And Temperature  Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber  is a machine that the testing condition is the closest to the natural environment,it simulated condition that more often meet at natural environment, and then deteriorated the natural environment to be tested, such as the salt spray, dry, wet, room temperature, low temperature environment,it can be tested in any order or individually tested.

Applicable Industry:
This Humidity And Temperature Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber  is tested the corrosion resistance capacity of products, which stay in the intense change environment, such as automobile parts, aviation equipment, photographic equipment, building materials, electricity, electrical and electronic systems.

1.Salt spray test chamber With color touch screen LCD controller (Japan OYO U-8256P), which can record the testing curves.
2.Salt Spraying Test Chamber Control mode: temperature, humidity, temperature and humidity can do alternating control by the program.
3.Program Group Capacity: 140Pattern (Group) 1400Step (above) each program can be set up to Repest99 segment.
4.Each executive mode time can be arbitrarily set 0-999 hours, 59 minutes.
5.Each group can be arbitrarily set the cycle of 1-999 .
6.Has the power memory function, recovery after power continue to perform the not completed the test.
7 . interface  RS232 connect with computer.

Corresponding standard:
1.GB/T 20854-2007 Dry and wet salt spray test
2.ISO14993-2001 Dry and wet salt spray test


Model SM-Y-60D SM-Y-90D SM-Y-120D SM-Y-160D

Internal WxDxH (cm)

60x45x40 90x60x50 120x85x50 160x100x55 200x120x60

External WxDxH (cm)

113x63x107 146x91x128 220x120x145 260x145x155 300x165x160

Testing Volumn (L)

108 270 480 800 1440

Brine Tank Capacity (L)

15 25 40

Max Current (A)

5 12 15 18 22

Max Power (kW)

1.5 2.5 3.5 5 7

Power Supply

AC200V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz

Operating Temp & Humi

Less than 35℃, Less than 85%RH
Testing Room Temp
Brine Method (NSS ACSS) 35℃±1
℃ / Erosion Resistant Method (CASS) 50℃±1

Pressure Pot Temp
Brine Method (NSS ACSS) 47℃±1
℃ / Erosion Resistant Method (CASS) 63℃±1

Brine Solubility
5% Sodium Chloride Solution or add 0.26 grams Copper Dichloride
in the 5% Sodium Chloride Solution per Lite (CuCl2 2H2O)

6.5~7.2 3.0~3.2

Compressed Air Pressure

Spraying Amount
1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h (Collect 16 hours at least, take their average)

Inside & Outside Material 
Imported corrosion resistant, anti-aging,  high strength PVC board

Corrosion resistance U type titanium tube

LED digital display temperature controller, touch screen controller

Spraying Mode 
Continuous,intermittent spraying 

Deforsting Mode

No Yes
Safety Device 
Over temperature protection switch, leakage protection, status warning lamp


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