X-ray CT Scan - SANYING

X-ray CT Scan - SANYING

Discover the advanced capabilities of SANYING's X-ray CT Scan systems at Scicron Technology. These state-of-the-art systems offer precise and non-destructive testing solutions for a wide range of applications. Our selection includes Micro CT, Industrial CT, Metrology CT, and specialised systems like the Cylindscan and NanoVoxel series, designed for high-resolution imaging and accurate internal structure analysis. SANYING’s technology ensures detailed 3D tomography, making it ideal for quality control, research, and development in various industries.

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  • SANYING Cylindscan-1000

    Cylindrical or slender samples are placed horizontally, which will then be rotated for scanning. This is suitable for dense material structuresThe Cylindscan-1000 adopts a horizontal design. During... Learn More
  • SANYING Cylindscan-2000

    Cylindrical or slender samples are placed horizontally, which will not be rotated during scanning. This is suitable for loose, dense and other material structuresThe Cylindscan-2000 adopts a... Learn More
  • SANYING EFPscan-1000

    Integrated with the production line for on-line full detectionSanying is about to launch a 3D AXI (Automatic X-ray Inspection) on-line inspection system based on planner CT to realize the connection... Learn More
  • SANYING EFPscan-2000

    Suitable for high-resolution and fast 3D tomography detection of large-area plate samplesEFPscan-2000 is a 3D X-ray testing system for PCBA and IGBT field. It adopts advanced Computed Laminography... Learn More
  • SANYING metroVoxel

     metroVoxel’s high-precision three-dimensional measurement and analysis realize non-destructive analysis and full-scale measurement inside the product.Industrial measurement is changing... Learn More
  • SANYING multiscaleVoxel-1000

    Suitable for industrial CT systems for detecting medium and large size, medium and high-density componentsThe multiscaleVoxel-1000 features a large scanning area and strong X-ray penetrating ability,... Learn More
  • SANYING multiscaleVoxel-2000

    Covers most types and sizes of components, and obtains high-precision detection imagesThe multiscaleVoxel-2000 system is equipped with 2 sets of X-ray sources (micro focus and small focus), can cover... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-1000

      Compact Desktop CT System The nanoVoxel-1000 is a desktop CT tomography system carefully built by Sanying based on years of research and development experience in high-resolution micro CT... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-2000

    Tube-sealed and Maintenance-free High-performance CT SystemThe nanoVoxel-2000 system is a high-performance imaging system that uses a sealed X-ray source. The X-ray source is maintenance-free and the... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-3000

    Tube-opened and Transmission-type High-resolution CT SystemThe nanoVoxel-3000 system is equipped with a transmissive tube-open X-ray source system. It has high resolution and is suitable for... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-4000

    Tube-opened and Reflection-type High-penetration CT SystemThe nanoVoxel-4000 system can be equipped with a micro-focus X-ray source up to 300KV and ensure high-precision testing performance under the... Learn More
  • SANYING nanoVoxel-5000

    Dual X-ray sources CT systemThe nanoVoxel-5000 system, equipped with a dual X-ray source system, has comprehensive testing performance and automatically switches the X-ray source to meet the... Learn More

12 Item(s)