SANWOOD Xenon Lamp Weathering Chamber with powerful function

SANWOOD Xenon Lamp Weathering Chamber with powerful function


SANWOOD has 13 process and 5 times quality control to ensure the accurate control of all details for the Xenon Lamp Weathering test chamber,Xenon Lamp Chamber.
The USB interface can collect and store data in real time: the experimental data can be recorded and saved in EXCEL format automatically,, and exported through the U disk. This realize the unattended touch screen menu operation control.

The interface of touch screen menu operation control is friendly and convenient . The operator can set the test parameters arbitrarily and monitor the whole experiment process at any time. It is equipped with a high-precision Pt100 blackboard temperature sensor and black mark thermometer to monitor the blackboard temperature and black mark temperature of the sample room.



SANWOOD Xenon Lamp Chamber with powerful functions and reliable test results

◆ Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Meet with all international standards of xenon test.
◆ Xenon Lamp Weathering chamber Equipped with ATLAS xenon arc lamp , filter and components, ensure to get high and same running parameters. Test results have a good reliability and repeatability comparing with import machines.
◆ Automatic rotating drum-type sample rack with three floors structuremaximizes exposure uniformity over all specimens
◆ 6,500cm exposure area , can hold different shapes and sizes samples.
◆ Can set the cumulative energy total irradiance energyobtained by sample to finish a test procedure. 
◆ Advanced cooling system for xenon lamp and intelligent air system.
◆ Chinese or English operation window

Can set andcontrol automatically many test parameters

◆Xenon Lamp Chamber Irradiance energy can be set and accurately controlled340nm or 420nm or 300nm400nm. The "Solar Eye" control system can monitor and automatically compensate the change of light intensity caused by ageing or other factors.
◆ Working room temperature, BPTblack panel temperatureand BSTblack standard temperaturecan be set and controlled automatically. With high precision Pt 100 temperature sensor, all these temperatures could be moitored accurately.
◆ Working room relative humidity can be set and controlled automatically. With ultrasonic wave humidifying system, the working room can obtain more stable and uniformhumidity distribution.
◆ Xenon lamp aging test chamber Can set spray way to sample(front spray orback spray),spray time and spray interval time.

Simple, easy touse

◆ Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Colorful touch screen and user-friendly operation interface allow operator to set the test parameters and monitor it easily.
◆ The test procedures can be programmed freely; and up to 16 predetermined procedures can be saved in one time. Every procedure includes up to 10 segments setting data.
◆ With USB interface, operator can export any test parameters with Excel format at anytime, convenient to check B-SUN’s running status at any time.
◆ Pure(deionized)water machine is optional.With high purity water, operator can get a more reliable testing result,Chamber has alarm function for monitoring water.

Safe and reliable

◆ Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Many alarm protectionsBig irradiance difference, water conductivity is over limits, too high temperature of cooling water, too low flow rate of cooling water, over-temperature, heating problem.  B-SUN will stop running automatically and show the alarm information in the operation window.
◆ Can select TCP/IP Ethernet interface, the user can tele-control the machine through TCP/IPinternet.

Convenient to help customers to slove all problems and do some necessary after service

MainTechnical Parameters

SM- 862 Xenon lamp weathering test chamber

Xenon Lamp
6.5 KW water cooling long arc xenon lamp

Light Filter
Import originally from ATLAS, can simulate indoor or outdoor sunshine spectrum

Exposure Area

6,500 cm2

Wave Length of 
Xenon Spectrum

Can select 300-800nm (simulate sunshine,filtrate all wavelength under 300nm) 
or 280-800nm (Add UV wave,keep some short-wave of UV)

Adjustable Irradiance
0.3~1.5 W/ m2 (Single point of control: 340nm)
0.5~2.7 W/ m2 (Single point of control: 420nm)
30 W/m2~150 W/ m2 (Full spectrum :from 300~400nm)

Lifetime of lamps

2,000 hours

Adjustable BPT


Temperature Stability


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Declination


Adjustable Humidity

Light:10%-85%    Dark:10%-95%

Rotate speed of sample

1~7 r/min(circle as lamp centre)

Spray Function

Can set spray continuous time and spray period

Water demands

High purity deionized water(Conductivity<2us/cm)

Flow of Deionized Water


Overall Size

1,200*1,200*2,000mm (LxWxH)


850 KG
Optional Pure Water Machine
Size:620*650*1600 (LxWxH)


Cabinet Material
Whole chamber is made up of good quality stainless steel (SUS304)

Chamber Door
Simple door to left with filter window;silicon rubber seal the door edge

Sample Crack
Stainless steel material, its position in the chamber can be adjusted (up, middle or down), 
Sample crack rotate around the centre of lamp

Siemens programmable controller. LCD touch-screen

Way of adding humidity
Add humidity by ultrasonic humidifier

Black panel thermometer
Heat insulate type black standard thermometer

Cooling System
Cooled by compressor and forced-air blast system

Security Protections And Error Protections

Xenon Lamp Protection
Protection to cooling water for xenon lamp shortage.
Protection to big electric current to xenon lamp
Protection to big irradiance deviation for a long time

Water Shortage Protection
Water shortage, cooling water to lamp shortage, low flow rate of cooling water, water shortage when heating

Power Source Protection
Over-power, over-electric current, shortage phase and wrong phase sequence

Working Room Temp Protect

Individual over-temperature protection of working room temperature. Over-temperature protection for BPT and BST

Pure System Protect
Monitor the conductivity of pure water at real-time (Once the conductivity≥2us/cm, the machine will stop and alarm)

Protection to Radiation
Xenon lamp will turn off automatically when opening the chamber door, in case xenon lamp radiate operator

Installing Environment Requirement

Power Source
380V土10%  3-phases 4 lines or 220V土10% 2-phase;
50 or 60Hz;Max. electric current≥40A;Max. power is 8KW

Air Outlet
There should be air outlet in the installation place to connect vent pipe

Standard Accessories

Xenon Lamp---1 pc  (Can select Atlas or other Chinese brand)            Sensor---2 pcs  (OSRAN)

Xenon Lamp Filter---1 set  (Can select Atlas or other Chinese brand)  Simens Control System---1 set

Human-computre Interface---1 pc (Touch Screen)                                 Specimen Holders---65 pcs

Black Panel Temperatrue Holders---2 pcs  (include 2 PT 100)              Irradiance Calibration Holder---1 pc

Optional Accessories

SM- 8171---Purity Water System (50L/min)          SM- 8140---Radiometer (340nm)

SM- 8141---Radiometer (420nm)                          SM- 8142---Radiometer (300~400nm)

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