SANWOOD Xenon Lamp Aging Chamber

SANWOOD Xenon Lamp Aging Chamber


Sanwood is a company with professional research and development, sales of Bench-top Xenon lamp aging test chamber,Bench-top Xenon accelerated aging test chamber,Bench-top Xenon lamp weathering aging test chamber,xenon lamp test chamber,xenon lamp weathering test chamber for 23 years.

The xenon lamp weathering test chamber (hereinafter referred to as E-SUN) uses the xenon lamp as the light source to simulate the full spectrum of sunlight optimally, and controls the and humidity appropriately to generate precipitation on the sample periodically to obtain sunlight , moisture and temperature fully . It can make a result of damage effects for polymer materials(material aging includes fading, loss of light, strength reduction, cracking, flaking, chalking and oxidation, etc.).



SANWOOD Xenon Lamp Aging Chamber


■ The test procedures of Bench-top Xenon lamp aging test chamber can be programmed freely; and upto 16 predetermined procedures can be saved in one time. Every procedureincludes up to 10 segments setting data.
■ Bench-top Xenon accelerated aging test chamber Can set the cumulative energy total irradiance energyobtained by sample to finish a testprocedure.  
■ With spray function, can set spray time and sprayinterval time.
■ The xenon light source correspond with internationalstandards; ensure reproducibility and comparability of testing results.
■ Irradiance energy can be accurately controlled.The "Sun Eye" control system can automaticallycompensate the change of light intensity caused by ageing or other factors.
■ Users can easily calibrate and adjust the irradiance orthe blackboard temperature by themselves.
■ With High precision Pt100 Temperaturesensor. Blackboard temperature is auto-controlled during the whole process
■ Alarm function for protection: Over temperature, over heating load,bigerror for irradiance, auto shut-down protection when opening door.
■ Touch screen and user-friendly operation interface allowoperator to set the test parameters and monitor all the test processeasily.
■ Specimen mounting and evaluation is fast and easy Withunique slide-out specimen tray
■ Real-time data can be collected and recorded. Theincidental USB connector allow users to copy the test data into a USB drive,achieving unattended operation. 

Main Technical Parameters

■ Xenon Lamp: one 1.8KW xenon lamp (imported from America or Chinese lamp)
■ FliterDaylight filter  (Also can choose extended UV filter orwindow glass filter)
■ Lamp Lifetime: Near 1,500 hours

■ Exposure Area: 1,000  cm2  (can put 9 standard samples150×70mm)
Chinese lamp: 30W/m2100W/m (300nm400nm) or 0.3 W/m20.8 W/m2 (@ 340nm) or 0.5 W/m21.5 W/m2 (@ 420nm)
American lamp: 50W/m2120W/m2 (300nm400nm) or 0.3 W/m21.0 W/m2 (@ 340nm)or 0.5 W/m21.8 W/m2 (@ 420nm)

■ AdjustableBlack Board Temperature Range: 
RT+30℃~90℃ (Depends on environment temperature andsetting irradiance value)
■ Controllingirradiance point: 340nm or 420nm or 300nm400nm (show at the same time)
■ InteriorMaterial of Chamber: Stainless steel -SUS 304 material
■ ExteriorMaterial of Chamber: Powder coating 
■ Overall Size (LxWxH): 1000x615x1025 mm
■ NetWeight: 140 kg
■ Gross Weight: 1
80 kg
■ Power Supply: 220V 50/60HZ; Max Current 16A; Max Power 2.6 KW

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