SANWOOD Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber

SANWOOD Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber


Sanwood is a direct factory which has specialized in manufacturing High low temperature(Two Zone)Thermal shock chamber ,Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber,Thermal Shock Test Chamber,Thermal Shock Chamber,Two Zone Thermal shock chamber for 23 years.

The thermal shock test chamber is suitable for testing equipment for solar photovoltaic modules, batteries, automotive parts, LED optoelectronics, semiconductors, aerospace, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research, etc., for testing and determining electrical, electronic and other products and materials. Parameters and performance of temperature and environmental impact changes in high and low temperature tests.



SANWOOD Two Zone Thermal shock chamber 

Briefly introduction:

High and low temperature (two cases) thermal shock test chamber system structure can be divided into two parts. Namely, high temperature tank (preheating zone), cryogenic tank (pre-cooling zone).

Testing principle:

Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber Testing principle mainly through controlling the portable basket (test samples District) to quickly move between cryogenic tank and high temperature tank to achieve rapid thermal shock test. The whole testing process test samples along with mobile gondola to move together. The test chaber is suitable for the examination of the whole set of products, components, parts and materials subjected to rapid changes in temperature. The temperature impact test chamber are used in a shortest time to evaluate the test samples due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by the changes of chemical or physical damage.

The advantages of SANWOOD High low temperature(Two Zone)Thermal shock chamber 

1. Thermal Shock Test Chamber Temperature and humidity setting protection

2. Two zone thermal shock test chamber. Air pressure driven test area(sample)
3. Error failure medical record table cartilage device
4. HFC environmentally friendly refrigerant, SWEP plate heat exchanger, two type refrigeration system
5. Optimal structure and high efficiency refrigeration machinery design
6. Air intakes and returns with sensor control
7. Sever Valve, Kinetic energy automatic load control
8. Testing range: 150(60)℃~ (-10)-65℃
9. 50% power saving efficiency and automatic servo control
10. Compatible with BUS CM remote monitoring management system
11. Can expanded: LN2V liquid nitrogen rapid cooling control device
12. Thermal shock test chamber movement time is 10 seconds.Can meet MIL, IEC and JIS standard.
13. Wind valve switching time is 10 seconds
14. Thermal shock test chamber temperature recovery time is 5 minutes, can meet the test specification
15. The end of the experiment, the product automatically return to the normal temperature to avoid frost dew
16. The world's first built-in USB2.0 interface digital recorder (recording can be plugged in at any time)
17. Industrial grade upright full-color touch multilingual programmable control system
18. The world's first standard shipping included USB2.0 and disk storage machine dual interface
19. The protective mechanism of return to normal temperature after the test is finished.
20. The world's first complete test curve analysis shows that there is no time limit.


Model SMC-50-2P-A SMC-80-2P-A SMC-150-2P-A SMC-200-CC-WT SMC-300-2P-A

Internal WxHxD(cm)

35x40x35 40x50x40 50x60x50 65x46x67 96x46x67 96x65x80

External WxHxD(cm)

110x193x146 115x213x155 125x253x165 140x225x185 175x225x185 175x263x198

Volume (L)

50 80 150 200 300 500
Temp Range
-55℃ ~ 150℃ (A: -45℃ ~ 150℃ / B: -55℃ ~150℃)


Low Temp
Precooling Time

25℃ to -70℃ within 60 min (1.0~3.0℃/min)

High Temp
Preheating Time

25℃ to 200℃ within 45 min. (3.0~7.0℃/min)

Conversion Time

3 sec

Recovery Time

5 min 10 min

SUS#304 Stainless steel


Cold rolled steel sheet / Powder spraying
Heat Insulation
100mm thickness polyurethane plate + 10mm thickness mineral wool

Centrifugal blower

Full-closed or Semi-closed

Air cooling, Water cooling


R404A, R23, R508


Fin and Tube heat exchanger


Nickel chromium alloy heating wire

Working Temp
5℃ ~ 35℃
SANWOOD SH5600:Equipped with RS232, RS485 port; (7.0inch controller) USB data export

Power Supply

380 VAC 50/60Hz



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