OCTAGON Dial Calibration Tester Model DCT 50/100 C

OCTAGON Dial Calibration Tester Model DCT 50/100 C



• Specially designed for calibration of high precision electronic inductive probes as the Resolution of calibration tester is 0.01 μm.
• Computerised measurement and analysis of Dial indicators.
• Accessories for holding plunger type dial indicators, lever type dial indicators and bore gauges.
• High Precision incremental liner encoder system with direct measuring range of 50 mm & 100 mm
• Compliance with Abbe’s Principle.
• Carbide Tipped measuring face
• Holding shaft provides holes of 8 mm & 3/8 inch
• Holding brackets accommodate bore gauges upto 23 mm 'tube diameer.
• Calibration Certification from 3rd party NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) Accredited Laboratory.
• Motorised movement of calibrator to support automatic operation.
• Software Version with image processing for fully automatic measurements.
• Automatic camera based data processing unit enables short testing times.




OCTAGON Dial Calibration Tester

Boost your calibration efficiency!

Octagon Camera based Automatic Dial calibration tester provides completely Automatic calibration of Analog / Digital dial indicators, lever dial indicators and 2-point dial bore gauge instruments. The system vastly accelerates and simplifies the calibration of your all types of Analog / Digital indicators. An easy to use external control box helps the user with the semi-automatic calibration procedure.

Octagon DCT 50 C & DCT 100 C offers an outstanding resolution of 0.01/ 0.1 µm with lowest measurement uncertainty.
A motor controlled by computer drives glass-scale to travel accurately; All data are acquired by software automatically without manual sampling; Indication values of test object are identified automatically by CCD camera which completely simulates manual reading; That Significantly reduces human labour and brain work, as well as improves the testing speed.

Plunger Dial Indicator

Dial Test Indictor

Electronic Inductive Probe

TESA GT31 Electronic Probe

Automatic camera based data processing unit enables short testing times for fully automatic measurements whilst precision is significantly greater compared to manual measurements. Fast image processing using USB 3.0 camera and the measuring process is based on automatic recognition of scaling and compares with target values.

Bore Gauge


Windows based program for evaluation of measuring errors, a laptop or PC. Online Data acquisition, Data recording, certificate generation. Measurement program complying to calibration method recommended by IS / ISO / DIN standards. Calibration certificate format complying to ISO/IEC 17025.

The operator only needs to install the dial indicator and select few parameters in software, then the machine measures automatically in accordance with selected norm after click the "Start" button. After measurement, the test data and report can be generated and printed quickly (including data list of measuring points, error carve of forward—reverse measurement, qualification & eligibility level of indication errors, etc.)

Technical Specification:


DCT 50C  DCT 100C

Measuring Range

50 mm 100 mm


0.01 µm / 0.1 µm


0.2 + L/250 µm (L in mm) 0.2 + L/250 µm (L in mm)


Automatic Automatic


180 x 180 x 420 mm 180 x 180 x525 mm


20 kg  25 kg

Power Supply

230 VAC, 50 Hz

Notes :
• In some cases additional standards & optional accessories are required to archive the measuring range.
• Some accuracies, measuring ranges are available upon request.
• Camera based fully automatic CNC Calibration tester available as an alternative model.

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