Kosaka Roughness and Contour Tester DSF-L800

Kosaka Roughness and Contour Tester DSF-L800


■ Contour (form) and Surface roughness can be measured by ONE SCANNING with the DIGITAL SENSOR
■ With Plateau surface analyzing software and Morphological contact-point filter
■ Improved the positioning speed
■ Equipped with pick-up overload halt function as standard






Detection method

Semiconductor laser scale

Measuring Range

12 mm


± (0.2+0.05H) μm, H = Z Displacement (mm)


0.75 nm


0.4 μm/100mm or Less

Measuring Force

0.75 mN or less

Stylus arm (SA-41)

Diamond, Tip radius: 2 μm ±25%, angle 60°

Stylus arm (SA-32)

Tungsten carbide, Tip radius: 25 μm ±15%, angle 25°
Measuring range: 24 mm
Resolution: 1.5 nm
Measuring force: 10 mN or less

Other function
Stylus motorized vertical movement

Drive unit
Drive range

100 mm


± (1+0.02L) μm, L = Measuring Length (mm)

Scale resolution

0.01 μm

Measuring speed

0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 mm/s
Driving speed
0.5, 30 mm/s (by remote controller), 80 mm/s (Selectable during macro measurement)

Drive motion operation

Remote controller unti (equipped with manual fine adjust konb)

Dimensions / Weight

W385 × D130 × H140 mm / 9 kg

Other function

X / Z direction collision detection
Motorized column
Vertical motion range

260 mm (equipped with manual fine adjust) 

Vertical motion limit

Operating range can be set by software
Vertical motion speed
0.05 - 50 mm/s

10, 50 mm/s (by remote controller, Up)
5, 30 mm/s (by remote controller, Down) 

Vertical motion operation

Remote controller switch

Auto-stop accuracy

±0.2 µm (Using skid, vertical magnification set at100,000 times)
Dimensions / Weight
W 650 × D 335 × H 774 mm / 75 kg

Maximum load

70 kg

Depth from pick-up

105 mm

Bed material


Installation area

W1580 x D800 mm

Power Supply

Single Phase AC90V-240V, 50/60Hz, 200VA
Analysis items
1) JIS B06011982 - Ra, Rmax, Rz

2) JIS B06011994 - Ra, Ry, Rz, S, Sm, tp

3) JIS B0610-1987 - Wca, Wcm, Wem, Wea

4) JIS B0601-2013 (JIS B0601-2001, ISO 42871997) - Pp, Pv, Pz, Pc, Pt, Pa, Pq, Psk, Pku, PPc, PSm, PΔq, Pmr(c), Pδc, Pmr, Rp, Rv, Rz, Rc, Rt, Ra, Rq, Rsk, Rku, RPc, RSm, RΔq, Rmr(c), Rδc, Rmr, Wp, Wv, Wz, Wc, Wt, Wa, Wq, Wsk, Wku, WPc, WSm, WΔq, Wmr(c),Wδc, Wmr

5) JIS B0631-2000 - AR, R, Rx, Rke, Rpke, Rvke

6) JIS B0671-1, -2, -3, -2002 (ISO 13565-1, -2, -3, -1996) - Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, Rpq, Rvq, Rmq

7) ISO 12085, 1996 - AR, R, Rx, Rke, Rpke, Rvke

8) ASME B46.1・11995 - Ra, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rv, Sm, Pc, Rsk, Rku, tp, HSC,Δq,Δa, Rmax, Rz, Rpm, λa, λq, Wt, Wa, Wq, Wp, Wv, Wmr(c)

9) Amcro-function, Remote control function (Coordinate display, Emergency switch, Auto up/down, Control of drive unit and motorized column)

10) Free-layout printed, Warning buzzer at overscale, Save format (CSV, DXF)

11) Alignment, Element analysis, Scalar analysis, Pitch analysis, Area analysis, Ball screw analysis and Statistical analysis, Arithmetic operation


Motorized stage (RAF-22D)

Dimensions of stage

150 × 150 mm

Leveling range


Motion range of the stage

50 mm

Minimum stepping range

1 µm

Maximum load

5 kg

Dimensions / Weight

W312 × D150 × H70 mm / 8 kg
Analysis items
Flat map - Direct contour map, Monochrome contour map,Differential contour map

Bird’ s eye view - Scan display, Halftone dot meshing display,Contour display, Differential scatter display 

3D parameter -  SRp, SRv, SRmax, Sra, SGr, SSr, SRz, SRq, SRsk, SΔa, Sλa, Spc

Particle analysis - Histogram of Peak (Valley) Number of particle (1 level mode), Density of particle, Average of square, Average of Volume, Average of diameter (Plural level mode),Each graphic display and the list of values

Graph - FFT, BC

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