SCICRON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was incorporated in Thailand on Jaunary 2005 with the objective of becoming an internationally recognized company that does B-B business as an outsourcing partner linking between manufacturers and customers in the areas of marketing, sale and after-sales service support. Our targeted customers are automotive, electronics, hard disk drive, aerospace, mold&die, laboratory and institutes.

We help the medium-sized companies and multinationals enter the promising but challenging markets of Southeast Asia. We also support the factories to approach the latest measuring and testing technology in Quality Control so as to improve their products thru the world class standard.


" Achieving our goals depends on our ability to work together to implement better than our competitors
and create a culture of transformation. Teamwork is a key. "


Services for Suppliers 
We help our suppliers to expand market share in Thailand by selling, marketing and after-sales service in professional to guarantee their customers would be satisfied as well. This cost-effective solution allows our suppliers to concentrate on their core businesses. We are ready to feedback any problem or anything to help them to improve their products for more effeciency and more advantage in completition. End-customer will be also qualified to ensure your branding is still not affected in global image.


Services for Customers
We provides solutions by offering the right products and after-sales services, including installlation, training, calibration, repairing and even the knowledge transfer. Our product would be qualified by us in quality complying the international standard and trust in organization. We guarantee our services in long-life use, not leave you alone after buying. We are ready to support our customers in professional.


Global Sourcing 
As we are expert in measuring and testing technique, we can help customers to find the special equipment not normally used in market, even made-to-order machine. We can source and make them to follow your specification.