Roughness and Contour

Roughness and Contour

  • SEF580-G18/-G18D

    Surface Roughness / Contour Measuring Instrument. Easy operation by Touch Panel. For various kind of sample. Surface RoughnessAnalysis : Many parameters of different standards in one... Learn More
  • SEF580-M50/-M58/-M58D

    Portable type Measuring lnstrument. Surface profile can be displayed in real time. Surface RoughnessThe unit can output the parameters based on multiple standards just a time.(Roughness... Learn More
  • SEF680

    SEF680 is a combination unit with surface roughness and form contour measuring instrument, able to evaluate roughness, waviness and contour profiles. Surface roughness measurementComplied to... Learn More
  • SE680K31

    SE680K31 is a reasonable combination unit with 2D and 3D roughness and form contour measuring instrument. 2D roughness measurementCompatible with various parametersAutomatically performing... Learn More