• EF550-G18/-G18D

    Supporting for hard analysis by Macroanalysis. Portable type Measuring lnstrument. By real time output function, the megnifing contour date of measuring can be taken. By Form Graphic Analysis... Learn More
  • EF650

    EF650 is a standard model for contour measurement. The measurement force adjustment mechanism of a dial type. Re-measurement capability,because that can be easily re-mesured,there is no need to... Learn More
  • EF650D

    A digital scale is installed as a form Pick up element, and a high resolution and high accuracy measurement are possible. Scalar analysis, Ball screw analysis Z(Pick up) Resolution is 0.05... Learn More
  • REF100

    REF100 is used for measuring the proper circular contour such crankshaft corner journals and pin radius. Quick and easy. A large number of element analysis functions Powerful macro... Learn More