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  • DSF600

    By 1 scanning, contour and roughness or waviness are able to be gained High resolution and wide dynamic range Suitable for complex-shape precision components PDF catalog Learn More
  • DSF900

    DSF900 is a digital contour and roughness measuring instrument to achieve wide dynamic range measurements with high accuracy. Various parameters of surface roughness or waviness and various... Learn More
  • EC1550H

    EC1550HA is proud of high rotation accuracy. Desk top type with user friendly cylindricity evaluation function is supplied. Full posture pick-up Guarantee Z axis straightness accuracy EC1550A... Learn More
  • EC1650H

    EC1650H furnish full of ingenuity for measuring with "high accuracy and quickly". EC1650 is economy. High resolution 2CR normal type, 2CR phase correct and Gauss filter supplied PDF catalog Learn More
  • EC1850H

    EC1850H supplies full automatic capability from centering/tilting to datasheet printing, with high-precision automatic table mounted. Full automation of centering and tilting adjustment Automatic... Learn More
  • EC1850P/EC3300P

    EC1850P/EC3300P is proper model for any types of piston form measurement with oval, taper and ring groove waviness of a piston. EC3300P is for high precision specification Mechanical or LSC auto... Learn More
  • EC2150

    High accuracy Roundness / Cylindricity measuring instrument with achieving easy operation. Roatary table with auto-centering and auto-tilting functions. Approach is easy to joystick... Learn More
  • EC2500H/EC2700H

    EC2500H/EC2700H is packaged fully automatic, excellent in repeatability, supreme accuracy, high functionality-best in its class, provided with safety function, and cost-effective. EC2700 is improved... Learn More
  • EC2500HF/EC2700HF

    EC2500HF/EC2700HF has fully automatic pick-up interchange system, which is guided by measuring menu. Auto posture is inner, outer, upper and lower plane. EC2700F is improved for higher vertical... Learn More
  • EC3600A/EC3600B/EC3600C

    These models are compatible with heavy duty components. Especially for large size crankshafts. EC3600A: for large-diameter and long components EC3600B: for general large-diameter... Learn More
  • EC4100H

    EC4100H is proper model for heavy duty workpiece. Space saving type with auto centering, tilting, flattering table is mounted. PDF catalog Learn More
  • EC5100H/EC6100

    EC5100H/EC6100 is post new-generation jumbo type measuring instrument. Auto measuring of heavy duty components with high accuracy. PDF catalog Learn More
  • EC600

    EC600 is a high accuracy, easy operation and compact type roundness measuring instrument, which suitable for production sites. Easy operation by centering & tilting suport function. Easy... Learn More
  • EF550-G18/-G18D

    Supporting for hard analysis by Macroanalysis. Portable type Measuring lnstrument. By real time output function, the megnifing contour date of measuring can be taken. By Form Graphic Analysis... Learn More
  • EF650

    EF650 is a standard model for contour measurement. The measurement force adjustment mechanism of a dial type. Re-measurement capability,because that can be easily re-mesured,there is no need to... Learn More
  • EF650D

    A digital scale is installed as a form Pick up element, and a high resolution and high accuracy measurement are possible. Scalar analysis, Ball screw analysis Z(Pick up) Resolution is 0.05... Learn More
  • ET200

    ET200 is able to trace and analyze nano-level micro figures with high accuracy, appropriate for soften sample surfaces by controlling the measuring force. PDF catalog Learn More
  • ET4000

    Excellent in accuracy, stability and functionality, ET4000 is a fully automatic, most appropriate for measurement of micro figure, step height and roughness of FPD, wafers, hard disks, and other... Learn More
  • ET5000

    ET5000 can automatically measure large-size samples up to size 880 × 680 mm application with high accuracy. Loading\Unloading sample stage is available an optional. Used for fully automatic... Learn More
  • REF100

    REF100 is used for measuring the proper circular contour such crankshaft corner journals and pin radius. Quick and easy. A large number of element analysis functions Powerful macro... Learn More
  • SE300series

    Compensates reflectivities for measuring on nearly all surfaces Automatic processing with predefined "measurement recipes" Comprehensive evaluations with a multitude of 2D and 3D surface... Learn More
  • SE4000

    SE4000 is stage traverse type with stable straightness, to measure the precision small components. Complied to worldwide parameters Digital sampling by digital scale Fixed pick-up with traverse... Learn More
  • SE500

    SE500 is sophisticated, compact design and high performance model for surface roughness, waviness and steps. Compatible with various parameters and perform simultaneous analysis of multiple... Learn More
  • SE600

    SE600 is complied to worldwide standards including ISO, JIS, DIN, ASME and BS, and each old and current standards. Various filters, cutoff values, measuring length and formula types are provided to... Learn More

SHOWING 1-24 of 30 TOTAL

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